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Helpful tips, tricks and insights to make Fraudulent chargebacks a thing of the past.

  • Am I at risk of friendly fraud
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    Am I at Risk of Friendly Fraud?

    In our previous articles, we highlighted how sly scammers are taking advantage of the chargeback process and your online stores’ ...

  • What is refund fraud
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    What is Refund Fraud?

    Yet another way online scammers are targeting your online store.   So we’ve told you about fraudulent chargebacks… but did ...

  • What is Friendly Fraud?
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    What is Friendly Fraud?

    Friendly Fraud… You probably weren’t expecting to hear those two words side-by-side in the same context, right?  The ironic thing ...

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Friendly Fraud
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    5 Ways to Reduce Fraud

    In 2020 alone, billions of dollars will be lost to everyday customers using their own details to maliciously purchase products ...