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Convert customers faster and keep them for life. Improve customer satisfaction and watch your conversion rate skyrocket with Instant Refunds.
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Instant Refunds
Increase conversion rate
Retailers offering shoppers Instant Refunds see a +20% conversion rate uplift, on average.
Increase average order value
Shoppers who see Instant Refunds at checkout spend +22% more than those who do not.
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Refund solutions

Merchants of all sizes—from startups to global retailers— choose Disputify to increase conversions, boost retention, and reduce refund-related losses.

Instant refunds

Convert high-intent shoppers faster and keep them coming back with the best refund experience on the block.

Add instant refunds
Trust scores

Our recommendation engine shows you which customers you can and cannot trust so you can add or reduce friction.

Score your customers
Refund protection

If you issue an instant refund and the product doesn't arrive or arrives damaged, we've always got your back.

Protect your refunds

Some customers just want their money back
Instant refund it

Exchanges are great, but sometimes customers just want a refund. Make it a great experience with Instant Refunds.

How it works

Big Commerce
Eddie Machaalani
Co-Founder, BigCommerce

The potential to be a game-changer.

Disputify's Instant Refunds product enables merchants to reward trusted customers with a refund  within minutes at no risk to the merchant. This has the potential to be a game-changer across the entire ecommerce landscape.

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