Supercharge sales with Instant Refunds

Convert great customers and keep them for life. Improve customer satisfaction and watch your repurchase rate skyrocket with Instant Refunds.
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Increase conversion rate
Retailers offering shoppers Instant Refunds see a +20% conversion rate uplift, on average.
Increase average order value
Shoppers who see Instant Refunds at checkout spend +22% more than those who do not.
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Refund solutions

Merchants of all sizes—from startups to global retailers—use Disputify's software to offer instant refunds, enhance customer profiles, identify high-risk activity, and reduce refund-related losses.

Instant Refunds

Returns happen. Don't make great customers wait weeks for their money back. Refund your trusted customers instantly with zero risk.

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Customer Insights

Know who you're dealing with. Gain powerful insights detailing your customers' historical post-sale behavior and purchasing patterns.

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Order Protection

Reduce refund-related losses with real-time monitoring. Add or reduce the right amount of friction based on your customers' trust scores.

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Benefits everyone loves

The best solutions benefit everyone. With Instant Refunds, you can attract, convert, and retain high-intent shoppers. Create customers for life.

For merchants
Fast-track revenue goals. Motivate shoppers to order with confidence and capture every possible sale.
Accelerate customer acquisition. Connect with high-intent  shoppers and convert new customers faster.
Keep customers coming back. Improve customer satisfaction and increase your repurchase rate.
Reduce refund-related losses. Identify high-risk customers and protect your business from serial refunders.
For customers
Check out with confidence. Shoppers who see the Instant Refunds badge check out faster and spend more.
Simplify refunds. Instant Refunds keep the process simple for customers so you can keep things moving.
Eliminate refund wait times. If it doesn't fit or it's not what they expected, refund trusted customers instantly.
Reuse your refund. Exchanges create pressure. Let the customer decide when to buy again and they will.
Eddie Machaalani
Co-Founder, BigCommerce

The potential to be a game-changer.

Disputify's Instant Refunds product enables merchants to reward trusted customers with a refund  within minutes at no risk to the merchant. This has the potential to be a game-changer across the entire ecommerce landscape.

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