Re-define your returns policy.

Offer instant refunds, make smart refund decisions and never lose a sale due to product uncertainty at checkout.
Trusted by more than 400

Brands, partners and platforms globally.

It's 2022.
Why do brands subject trusted shoppers to a 15+ day refund process?

Since the birth of ecommerce, buying something online has always been a risk. Whether it was settling on the wrong size or picking the wrong style - the fear of getting it wrong has never gone away. A fundamental shift is coming. World-class brands shouldn't expect customers to wait 5-15+ days for their money back, it should be instant. Customers want to shop with brands that trust them to such a degree that when a product isn't what they want, a game-changing instant refund experience awaits.

Refunds, redefined.

We empower merchants to increase conversion, delight customers and reduce their refund rate.

Instant Refunds

Cut the 5-15+ day refund delay and delight trusted customers by instantly refunding a return, before receiving the product back, with no risk.

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Customer Insights

Clearly understand your customers historical purchasing and refund behaviour through a network of over 400 leading brands.

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Order Protection

Reduce your loss rate to illegitimate refund requests through accurate prediction of risk and automated actions to add or remove customer friction.

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For merchants
Watch your conversation rates soar as you build instant trust with customers, pre-purchase.
Cut the 15+ refund delay and provide an incredible post purchase experience by processing refunds on the spot, before receiving the product back.
Maximise retention. 92% of customers  are more likely to purchase again from a store who offered them a seamless returns experience.
Customer never returns the item? We'll cover your loss and have your back.
For customers
Try new retailers and buy more with every order knowing that if you get it wrong, you won't be waiting weeks for your money back.
Less questions asked. Be rewarded for your trustworthy behaviour across 400 brands.
No forms or extra steps. Just go through a merchants existing return flow.
No credit holds, loans or other nasty stuff. Real money back in your account same day.
Eddie Machaalani
Co-Founder, BigCommerce
The potential to be a game changer.

‍For ecommerce brands that are focused on the customer experience, I believe Disputify has the potential to be a game-changer. Disputify's Instant Refund experience enables merchants to reward trusted customers with money back returns within minutes. This experience can dramatically improve customers experience across the entire ecommerce landscape and puts Disputify in a strong position to become a household name.

Sarah Smith
Developer @
Build beautiful products faster.

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