Eliminate Refund Fraud Forever

Eliminate Refund Fraud Forever

We are the vaccine to online customer theft.

Unlike Other Fraud Tools

We focus on Refund Fraud.
Nothing else.

How we work is a little different.

Refund Fraud is hidden in plain sight...

Refund fraud affects all merchants who transact online. Fraudsters take advantage of refund policies to steal goods and services on a daily basis. 

Refund fraud is almost impossible to detect initially. Instead, merchants need to understand a customers pattern of behaviour to establish if fraud is taking place

This is where Disputify excels.

The Most Common Techniques Used by Fraudsters

It can look legitimate, but it's not.
  • ‘Did Not Arrive’ (DNA)
  • ‘Partially Empty Box’ (PEB)
  • Fake Tracking ID (FTID)

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We are creating a community of merchants that are working together to combat to the growing problem of Refund Fraud.


By working with Disputify you are not only protecting yourself from fraudsters you have encountered, you helping to protect the community by sharing your insights into known bad actors. 


Together we can all make better a difference in reducing Refund Fraud.

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We Scan Every Transaction to identify known refund fraudsters, and save you money.

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#1 eCommerce Fraud Prevention Tool

Disputify is THE best way to achieve total eCommerce fraud prevention for your business.

Our unique tools scan every order and block known scammers in real-time.
We track dishonest customers across all major platforms – including Shopify, Neto and Stripe.

Join the growing online community that’s organising to stamp out eCommerce fraud for good.
We’re working together 24/7 to protect your online reputation, save you money, and arm yourself against theft.  

Don’t stay vulnerable a second longer. It’s time to protect your business and get serious about eliminating eCommerce fraud. 

To join the Disputify community – download our tools today.

Unlike Other Fraud Tools We’re the eCommerce Fraud Experts

Right now, eCommerce fraud is on the increase. And hard-working merchants are losing more money than ever before.

Merchants are being conned into issuing false refunds. It’s a scam performed by dishonest customers who are looking to get products for free. It’s a simple trick that’s becoming an online epidemic.

At Disputify, we’re DEDICATED to eCommerce fraud prevention. We’re unlike any other tool on the market because we’ve created the best ways for online stores to get serious and fight cyber theft.

If you think you’re immune to eCommerce fraud then you’re wrong. Refund fraud is rife – and spreading throughout the online community.

The truth is that – whether you’re aware of the problem or not – eCommerce fraud is costing your business money. Every single day.

What you need is a way to tell honest customers from serial fraudsters.
And a network that shares information on known offenders.
You need tools to arm yourself against the scammers.
Luckily – Disputify has created a powerful solution.

We’ve built a unique network of eCommerce businesses that’s turning the tide on scammers and grifters.

By sharing our tools and connecting vendors, we’re building a network of valuable intel.

Our InstaFlag notifications identify suspicious users in real time, with instant SMS and email alerts. Even customers who are known to be difficult and disruptive can be flagged. And you’re notified when any blacklisted users attempt to make a purchase from your store.

It’s this secret weapon that allows us to target known eCommerce fraudsters with such precision. The simple truth is that our data, technology and community is no match for these basic scams – and that’s why we’re winning the battle together.

Disputify is the one solution you need to eliminate eCommerce fraud for good.

We’ve created a simple plug-in that works seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms – including Shopify and Neto.

What’s different about Disputify is that we target fraudulent orders at the most important part of the transaction process. 

Because Disputify sits at the post-purchase stage of the transaction, we can flag risky orders BEFORE they cost you money.

By eradicating eCommerce fraud after the transaction but before fulfilment, we’ve developed a way to deliver pinpoint accuracy and laser precision when it really counts.

We’re gaining this upper hand by using data sourced from a huge network of collaborating merchants. Found a suspected scammer? Flag them immediately. Then share their activity with the community.

This is known as our Network Score – and it’s THE game-changing eCommerce fraud prevention strategy that’s allowing businesses to take back control.

Our unique online tools make Disputify different from all other fraud services. We’re built by and for online retailers – meaning we get the realities of eCommerce fraud prevention better than anyone else.

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, so does the network of scammers.
This invisible threat is costing businesses over $25 BILLION. Every. Single. Year.

eCommerce fraud affects ALL merchants who transact online. You might not see it – but fraudsters are taking advantage of your refund policies.
They’re contacting you with fake refund requests – and right now you’re probably powerless to stop them.

Refund fraud is almost impossible to detect without specialised tools. You need the ability to track customer behaviour and blacklist known offenders. It’s this level of precision that will ACTUALLY make a difference.

Luckily, that’s EXACTLY what Disputify delivers.

Our game-changing eCommerce fraud prevention techniques are finally putting scammers on the back foot. We’re turning the tide on cyber theft by arming an ever-growing number of eagle-eyed merchants.

This online community is learning how to fight back with Disputify’s game-changing tools. We’re setting the benchmark for eCommerce fraud prevention best practices – and we invite you to join us.

It’s time to join forces with Disputify. Let’s work together to eradicate refund fraud for good.

They might look legitimate, but these scams are costing you money. Do these messages sound familiar?

  • ‘Did Not Arrive’ (DNA)
  • ‘Partially Empty Box’ (PEB)
  • Fake Tracking ID (FTID)

These are SYSTEMATIC thefts by REPEAT offenders. It’s time to stop getting scammed and take back control.

You need a tool that distinguishes your honest customers from eCommerce fraudsters.
And regain confidence that the refunds you do issue are 100% legitimate.

Luckily, Disputify offers lightning-fast notifications of fraudulent activity.

Our intuitive online interface delivers the smartest approach to cybertheft. And our instant SMS alerts allow you to track your orders in real-time. Plus, with a 14-day free trial – arming yourself against the scammers has never been more simple.

Have you ever received a refund request that just didn’t add up?

Perhaps a customer is claiming their package “did not arrive”. Or maybe they supposedly received a “partially empty box”. But the thing is – you processed the order perfectly and trust your delivery service 100%.

Well, what are your options? Can you really risk denying the request and receiving a negative review? You can’t allow your brand to be damaged and your ratings to be destroyed.

So the reality is you have no choice other than to process the refund. You’re losing money every day
because you don’t have the tools you need to push back on these scammers.

If only there was a way to identify fake refunds – and a community of organised merchants that were collectively push back on eCommerce fraud?

If you’re searching for solutions – then Disputify is your answer.

We’re building a global community of smart, security-conscious business owners – who are working together to combat eCommerce fraud.

By partnering with Disputify, you’re not only arming yourself against the fraudsters you encounter. You’re also helping to protect the entire community by sharing your insights on known bad actors. 

Now, there’s nowhere for these fraudsters to hide.  We’re backing each other and mobilising together to make eCommerce fraud history.

To find out how your business can join the community and start benefiting today, simply book a consultation with our team today.

Want to see the real value of our services? Just check the numbers…357,000+ Orders Scanned

257,000+ Customers Profiled

1.5 Sec Average Scanning Time

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Annual eCommerce Fraud Costs Vendors $25 Billion
And our plans start from just $29 per month.

Stop the cost. Stamp our refund fraud. Work with Disputify –
The best eCommerce fraud prevention tools on the market.

2-minute Setup
Full Compatibility

We scan EVERY transaction…

Identify known eCommerce fraudsters
and saving your business money.

Our security process is simple. We scan every order. No exceptions.

We analyse 100% of your sales after transaction but before fulfillment, checking customer behaviour and our global networks of merchants to eliminate the scammers. Blocked, blacklisted and restricted. It’s that simple.

Eliminate eCommerce fraud with Disputify.

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