Eliminate Refund Fraud Forever

Eliminate Refund Fraud Forever

We are the vaccine to online customer theft.

Unlike Other Fraud Tools

We focus on Refund Fraud.
Nothing else.

How we work is a little different.

Refund Fraud is hidden in plain sight...

Refund fraud affects all merchants who transact online. Fraudsters take advantage of refund policies to steal goods and services on a daily basis. 

Refund fraud is almost impossible to detect initially. Instead, merchants need to understand a customers pattern of behaviour to establish if fraud is taking place

This is where Disputify excels.

The Most Common Techniques Used by Fraudsters

It can look legitimate, but it's not.
  • ‘Did Not Arrive’ (DNA)
  • ‘Partially Empty Box’ (PEB)
  • Fake Tracking ID (FTID)

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We are creating a community of merchants that are working together to combat to the growing problem of Refund Fraud.


By working with Disputify you are not only protecting yourself from fraudsters you have encountered, you helping to protect the community by sharing your insights into known bad actors. 


Together we can all make better a difference in reducing Refund Fraud.

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We Scan Every Transaction to identify known refund fraudsters, and save you money.

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