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Our Mission

Disputify is passionate about combatting the multi-billion dollar problem of online refund fraud to save merchants time, money and commercial reputation.

Our Story

CEO & Founder Jack Bloomfield, amidst his eCommerce days, faced a problem that was continuing to cost his online business – this problem was friendly fraud. 

Growing tired of fraudsters taking advantage of the dispute and refund process, Jack saw an opportunity to build a platform, and a community, that would work to protect eCommerce merchants who were experiencing the same pain points. 

From here, Disputify was born. During our journey, we discovered  that there are no other fraud tools that focus purely on refund fraud, which continues to be a growing problem. This is where Disputify excels, and continues to work to preemptively identify known refund fraudsters from attacking, always with the objective of saving merchants from the cost, time and challenges of refund fraud. 

Our Product

Merchants are being conned into issuing incorrect refunds performed by dishonest customers who are just seeking products for free.

Disputify sits at the post-purchase stage of a transaction, flagging potentially risky orders based on data from our network – this is called our Network Score.

Have you ever received a refund request from a customer claiming that their package “did not arrive” or that there was a “partially empty box”, but you know that you went to every effort to ensure that order was processed correctly?

Disputify allows you to distinguish between legitimate refunds and risky refunds, so you can transact with confidence. From here you have the ability to manually accept or reject orders based on our risk assessment, and your own review. 

‘Instaflag’ Bad Customers 

Instaflag suspicious customers, or even customers who are known to be difficult, so that they are instantly flagged, and you are notified whenever they attempt to make a purchase. 

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