Welcome to the world’s first refund trust platform. We help merchants better understand their customers to make the internet a safer place.

Imagine a world where merchants live in fear of being taken advantage of and in result, customers are punished and you’ll have a pretty good idea of eCommerce today.

Made even harder is the process of returns. From a merchant persepctive, they are annoying and riddled with risk and from a customer perspective are a core reason to why the end to end process of shopping online is so hard.
We want to fix this. Our aim to consolidate online trust.

For the customer experience to improve, brands need to move away from painting all customers with one brush which leads to a standardized, sub-par shopping experience. We want to shift the status quo that trusted customers can expect when shopping online.

“As a merchant myself, the idea of offering a restrictive return policies just because I was afraid of a few customers taking advantage of it wasn’t the way I wanted to grow my store or reward my customers.”

Jack Bloomfield
Founder & CEO of Disputify

Our Values

The three values below are what we live, breath and operate on as a company.

We've got your back.

We work in the best interests of each other, we are not afraid of failure, and we will always work towards success.

Tell it how it is.

We respect each other by saying how it is. We believe in truth over bullshit and communication with purpose.

Think long term, act short term.

Our actions on a day to day basis are in pursuit of our long term objectives.We are ambitious with our thinking but thoughtful with our process.
Year 1
Milestones hit:
Disputify founded
$1.3m pre-seed raised
Opened our Australia office
Beta product launched
First 10 merchants onboarded
Year 2
Milestones hit:
Shopify marketplace launch
300 merchants onboarded
Instant refunds pilot launched
Mastercard Startpath selection
Year 3
Milestones hit:
Instant refunds public launch
Opened our New York office
Year 4
Milestones hit:
Upcoming milestone
Upcoming milestone
Upcoming milestone
Upcoming milestone

Our Team

Joel Richards

Head of Engineering
With over sixteen years of experience, Joel heads up Disputify's engineering execution and has been with the team since 2020.

Chris Saad

Chris was the former Head of Product for the Uber Development platform.

Sam Martin

Non-Executive Director
Founding Partner at Eidetic Ventures with a background and focus in artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing.

Jack Bloomfield

CEO and Founder
At just 19, Jack has owned and operated ecommerce stores for over 5 years. Experiencing the pain of refund fraud first hand, Jack founded Disputify in 2020.

Jason Titman

Non-Executive Director
Jason is the former COO of Neto, a leading ecommerce SaaS platform acquired by Maropost in 2021. Jason's background extends to FinTech, eCommerce, Proptech, Medtech and Cyber Security.

Trusted by world class investors.

We have the support of institutional venture capital, executives and partners from world class companies.

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