Introducing The Rules Engine!


You know your store, and your customers, better than anyone…Including patterns of behaviour that may seem a little bit suspicious.

Like when you receive an order for 20 bags of dog food, or 8 pairs of headphones, or maybe there’s a particular high-ticket item that, when ordered, flags cause for concern….

Imagine being immediately notified every time an order like this goes through, so you can manually review the order before fulfilment.

Create custom rules and filters based on order attributes you deem to be suspicious and want to review or block. 

Disputify Rules Engine
Disputify Rules Engine

As an example you could configure the Rules Engine to flag orders from a specific country that have a particular dollar value, or if there is a particular item you know is commonly purchased by fraudsters, like the items listed above, and you want to be notified if an order of this type goes through. 

Disputify Rules Engine - Country Code
Rules Engine - Custom Filtering Based on Country Code

The Rules Engine allows you to review any orders before fulfilling. When an order is placed that matches your criteria, the Rules Engine can either flag it, add notes, or cancel it.

We are constantly working on new features and improvements to make the eCommerce arena a much safer place to do business.

The Rules Engine another way that Disputify continues to help you distinguish between legitimate refunds and risky refunds, and allows you to transact with confidence.

Try the Rules Engine FREE for 14-days. 

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