It's 2022.
Why do brands subject trusted shoppers to a 15+ day refund process?

Since the birth of ecommerce, buying something online has always been a risk. Whether it was settling on the wrong size or picking the wrong style - the fear of getting it wrong has never gone away. A fundamental shift is coming. World-class brands shouldn't expect customers to wait 5-15+ days for their money back, it should be instant. Customers want to shop with brands that trust them to such a degree that when a product isn't what they want, a game-changing instant refund experience awaits.

Trusted by more than 400 top brands.

Not every refund request is legitimate.

We track customer behaviour, cross merchant, globally.

We identify patterns of customer behaviour.

Through smart analysis of your customers, we leverage millions of data points in our network to alert you of customers you need to know about.
customers scanned.
world class brands.
saved for brands.
Disputify protects every order, across all your sales channels.

How it works

Order Scanned.
Seconds after the order has been placed, 50+ data points are analysed.
Analysis delivered.
Low risk or high risk, analysis is delivered natively in your ecommerce platform.
Product dispatched.
Depending on risk, you can automate a response to protect your bottom line.
Refund Requested.
Product didn't arrive? Make an informed decision on what to do based off a customers past behaviour.
Analysis delivered.
Delight the customer or stand your ground, Disputify gives your team the context to make the right decision.

Integrate in minutes.

We integrate with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.
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